Welcome to the Great Plains Wing

Our History

The Great Plains Wing started in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area in 1984. It was originally chartered as the Nebraska Squadron and met at the Strategic Air Command Museum. The squadron helped to restore a C-47, B-17, B-25, and B-29. In 1986, the squadron changed it's name to the Great Plains Wing. In 1988, a new hangar was built at the Council Bluffs airport including a museum and meeting room. The Great Plains Wing Hanger houses two vintage World War II aircraft. The P-51 Mustang "Gunfighter"(Joined 1990) and a YO-55 Ercoupe (Joined 2023, In restoration). Both are usually on display undergoing maintenance in the Fall and Winter. During the period of 1988 thru the present, the Great Plains Wing (GPW) helped restore two L-3 observation airplanes and an L-5 liaison aircraft.