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44-73264 was built in the North American plant in Inglewood, California and shipped to England, where it was assigned to the famous 'Mighty Eighth' Air Force. In July of the same year, after the War had ended in Europe, it was returned to the U.S. and assigned to Olmstead Field in Pennsylvania, where it remained until 1947. For the next nine years the aircraft served with four different state Air National Guard units in Wyoming, New Mexico, Illinois and finally the Kentucky ANG, where in 1956, it was declared surplus and sold on the civilian market. 44-73264 is restored in the colors of the 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group, 66th Fighter Wing, 8th Air Force, USAAF.

Gunfighter Warbird Digest Photo Gallery

After being freshly repainted the Gunfighter piloted by Larry “Lumpy” Lumpkin took part in a photo shoot with two other P-51 Mustang (Charlotte’s Chariot II, Rosalie) forWarbird Digest.

All of the photos in this series where taken by Greg Morehead.

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